Criteria to Enter Program




    Students Interested in Cooperative Education for the 22-23 School Year can pick up a packet and brochure in the 11/12 Office or:

    Click here for the Student Application

    Click here for the Program Eligibility Requirements.


    Before applying for the program, students are highly encouraged to have conversations with Miss Yanko, their guidance counselor, CTE shop instructor (if applicable) and home family members. 

    Co-Op is an individual-driven program that requires students to develop their independence and sense of responsibility as they transition to a future beyond high school. Students must be willing to seek out opportunities on their own, plan their schedules and events, and balance school work with their work placement.

    Students applying to the program should understand that there is a complex process to be followed by multiple parties: the student. Co-Op Coordinator, Guidance Counselor, Employer, and CTE shop instructor (if applicable)

    To ensure a timely turn-around from application to acceptance, all parties will work together in communicating needs and expectations.


    Cooperative Ed is split into 2 categories:

    Capstone (for CTE students only)

    Diversified Occupations (all regular seniors)

    • The eligibility requirements listed above apply to both programs
    • Minimum weekly hours (18 hrs/week, 3 shifts before 3 pm M-F) apply to both programs

    The big difference between the two programs is:

    Capstone CTE students do NOT have a cutoff date for enrollment. They can apply to the program at any time.

    Capstone CTE students have to stay in their CTE shops once per week for 45 minutes (after lunch) for classwork. Capstone students will not have a separately scheduled period for Co-Op. 



    Criteria for Enrollment and Continuing in Program (see above link to pdf)

    • The student must be entering the 12th grade upon enrollment into the program and be at least 16 years old.
    • The student must adequately demonstrate his/her skills and attitudes for the occupational training area.
    • The student must have the recommendation of his/ her guidance counselor, principal, and applicable CTE instructor or 2 additional teachers that have had the student for a full-year course.

    • The student must be in good standing with attendance and discipline records.
    • Have a passing grade with a C (2.5 G.P.A.) minimum average in all classes for entrance into the Diversified Occupations program (non-CTE students)
    • CTE Students: Have successfully completed 2 years of the same instructional program with a lab grade of B or better, no more than three absences in a marking period and CTE recommendation from shop instructor for the Capstone Cooperative Education program.


    Please note: application to the program does NOT guarantee acceptance.

    This program is monitored by the State of PA Department of Education and maintains strict adherence to requirements. These requirements include, but are not limited to, the above stated grades, attendance, and discipline guidelines. In addition, to remain in the program for the duration of the school year, Non-CTE students must also meet the following:

    • Maintain a MINIMUM workweek of 18 hours with at least 3 shifts M-F starting before 3pm. All shifts M-F must begin BEFORE 3pm. This is applicable to the entire school year. **Seasonal work is not recommended as hours can vary each week.
    • Work a minimum 150 school days throughout the year; therefore, the cutoff date for program acceptance is October 7, 2022.

    All students and employers must agree to the following:

    • Employers must complete the DVSD Security Clearance process of a Criminal Background Check, Childline Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Fingerprinting
    • Students must earn the PA state minimum wage, and receive a paycheck, indicating proper deductions. Cash and "off the books" jobs are not acceptable. 
    • Students cannot be treated as 1099 contract employees and must receive paychecks on company letterhead. This includes students working for family businesses.
    • Students must have transportation to and from work and from school-- The school does not provide transportation.
    • Students under 18 cannot drive as their main job description. This violates Federal Labor Laws for Youth Workers.
    • The student must maintain passing grades in ALL courses, regardless of credit necessity.
    • Students must adhere to the school district attendance policy; more than 14 AU implies automatic termination from the program.
    • Violations of student handbook policies can result in immediate program termination.
    • Students cannot work alone; there must be a supervisor available on staff for emergencies.
    • Students cannot work from home or in any type of "remote" situation.
    • Upon approval, the student must have parent/ guardian read and sign a Training Agreement and Training Plan.
    • A student who is not 18 yrs. old must obtain a Work Permit from the main office.

    • All DO students must successfully complete the Career Safe online safety program prior to beginning employment. CTE students will complete a safety training course within their CTE programs.
    • The student will actively participate in and complete all work for the School-to-Work class daily for the DO and weekly for the Capstone Programs. 

    In order for students to be successful in the program, it is recommended that students have the following traits: 

    • The student must have desire to participate and have tentative career goals.

    • The student must have the personal traits and attitudes necessary to obtain and maintain initial employment.
    • The student should show initiative and independence in daily activities both in and out of school.
    • Effective time management and communication skills are a must.
    • The student must be able to get along with others and follow directions.
    • The student must have a good attitude about learning while working.
    • The student must meet with the Diversified Occupations/Cooperative Education Coordinator to discuss course requirements, expectations and any problems on a continuous basis.