S k i l l s   U S A  
    The Skills USA organization grew out of the nineteen sixties as a national organization to promote and recognize vocational technical education student achievement.  The original name of the club was the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America or VICA.  The club organizes on four levels: local, state, national and international.  Opportunities for competition exist at all four levels.  Competitions break down into two categories: skilled events and leadership events.  
    Skilled events allow students to compete in trade related, hands-on competitions.  Some of the skill areas that DV has participated in are Automotive Technician, Auto Service Specialization, Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Commercial Baking, Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Service, Industrial Electricity, Motorcycle Maintenance, Power Equipment Technician, Painting and Decorating, and Residential Electricity. 
    In addition, leadership contests are available and are designed to include the younger, less experienced members of the club.  They include: Chapter Business Procedures (Parliamentary), Job Skill Demonstration, Prepared Speech, Extemporaneous Speech, and a variety of Chapter Promotion Contests,  
    Because the Skills USA Club is restricted to only Career Education Students, the club is small.  The typical number of members ranges from 20 to 30 students each year.