•  P e e r   M a t h   T u t o r i n g

    The Peer Math Tutoring program is a service organization designed to help students struggling in math.  Tutoring is provided by students under the supervision of two math teachers every Wednesday afternoon from 2:50 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. in room S-8. 

    Students who need additional help in math are welcome to attend as often as they choose.  There is no charge for this service.  Please come prepared to work!  You will spend approximately one hour with a tutor who has successfully completed your math course.   Plan to do more than tonight’s homework assignment.  Bring quizzes and tests to review as well as assignments.  The Peer Tutoring Program provides you with an opportunity to review, reinforce and often re-learn math concepts and processes, building your skills and your grade point average. 


    All students who would like to serve as tutors are advised to seek the recommendation of their current math teacher.  It is not required that you maintain a specific grade point average in order to tutor but that you demonstrate a solid understanding of math concepts, a continued effort in your current math class, and an interest in sharing your knowledge with others.  You will find that you benefit not only in bonus points (awarded by some math teachers for your service to this learning community) but also in solidifying your own understanding of math processes.


    For more information, please speak to your math teacher or contact Mrs. France, voice mail 7339.