• Delaware Valley High School

    Diversified Occupations/Cooperative Education Program




    1. To transfer skills learned in the classroom to real-world work situations.
    2. To keep students informed of new technology as it applies to occupations.
    3. To provide an environment for students to develop self-confidence and respect for superiors and co-workers
    4. To experience working for pay and developing money management skills.
    5. Provide employer with students who want to learn the job successfully.


    Diversified Occupations Goals:


    1. To provide a cooperative work experience program that gives on-the-job training to students for their career goal.
    2. To provide students with the skills in an occupation that are not available in school.
    3. To prepare students for new and futuristic careers.


    Capstone Cooperative Education Goals:

    1. To encourage students to maintain passing grades in all subject areas including their shop/trade area.
    2. To encourage students to be responsible for all course work during their placement. Those who fail to fulfill this obligation will risk losing their capstone position.
    3. To place students in occupations that directly relate to their CTE program of study and to assist students in pursuing the occupation as a career.
    4. To have the students develop a positive work ethic
    5. To allow students to enhance their personal characteristics through work experience.
    6. To connect classroom (school-based) activities to job (work-based) activities.
    7. To establish a working relationship between our students and the businesses located within our community.



    At the end of the Diversified Occupations/Cooperative Education course and work experience, students will be able to:


    • Identify Diversified Occupations/Cooperative Education program goals, policies, and procedures.
    • Research various careers.
    • Apply for jobs in their career choice.
    • Describe and evaluate work ethics. List and evaluate their own personality traits to indicate self-understanding.
    • List and apply the characteristics of a responsible employee.
    • List the characteristics of a responsible employer.
    • Develop and describe positive working relationships with others on the job.
    • Apply job and employability skills in the workplace related to their career choice.