Level 3


    Course Syllabus


    Mr. Luhrs                                                                                          Contact Info: luhrsj@dvsd.org

    Room B1                                                                                            570-409-2016 - Voicemail #2016

    Periods 4, 5, 6                                                                            Class is worth 3 credits

    Course Description

    Successful completion of the Business and Marketing Level 2 course is recommended before taking Level 3. This course of study in Business and Marketing is designed to meet the needs of students who seek specialized training in advertising, marketing or management. Students will also be responsible for the management of the school store. Opportunities will be provided to encourage development of skill, knowledge and attitudes necessary for the student to function on the job, as well as enhance his citizenship qualities. Those students showing leadership qualities will have the opportunity to exercise and develop those qualities, through an unpaid internship program. Students will have an opportunity to manage a business. Students at the completion of the course will be prepared to enter a technical institute, trade school, or college for post-secondary education. Due to the competency based nature of this course, students that move at an accelerated pace will be able to complete advanced tasks on a case by case basis. Students that complete all of the competencies for this course may have the opportunity to be engaged in a capstone placement for some of their senior year. All level three students will take the NOCTI Assessment. State required physical education hours will be completed within this course.                           POS- 52.1801 Sales, Distribution and Marketing Operations, General

    Course Responsibilities

    Students will be given a task packet and lessons to achieve the tasks.  It will be required that students have a binder to keep all work in and the binder will be graded periodically.  Students will work on the lessons and turn them in when completed by the due date. When turning in the assignments you need to attach your assignment sheet to the lesson. All assignments must be completed accurately with a B or above grade before moving onto to the next task.   Students will be responsible to complete all tasks/work for the class as listed in the task packet.  All students will complete projects/homework/class work and tests assigned for each task.  Every student will work at a different pace, therefore, grading will be done for each student as they complete the lessons. Students shall abide by the rules in the DVHS Policy Handbook for both the class and when working in the school store.  If a student violates any rule or is caught stealing in the store they will be sent to administration immediately.  The administration reserves the right to review each case individually and decide on the consequences for the incident.



    College Credit Availability

    Students enrolled in Business/Marketing Level 3 are eligible to obtain college credits from Luzerne County Community College. These college credits are transferrable to any 4-year college/university.  The courses available are:  Salesmanship (3 college credits) and Marketing (3 college credits.)  To be eligible for the college credits students must maintain a B or better average each course respectively until the end of Level 3.  Students will be required to pay a fee for each course.

    Topics to be Covered

    Marketing Management

    Soft Skills

    Communication in the Workplace


    Risk Management

    Business Funding

    Planning for Success

    Preparing for Your Career

    Digital Citizenship

    Social Media Marketing

    Use and apply Microsoft Office Applications effectively – Word, Excel, Power Point,  

            Access, Publisher

    Building the Marketing Plan

    Performing Advertising Activities

    Creating documents for school/community

    NOCTI (certification)

     On-the –job experience (Internship)



    Internship ** will take place during 4th marking period for a minimum of 6 weeks – two days a week if applicable.  Students must be passing class to participate in Internship – grade will be test grade and you will be graded by your supervisor/businessperson.


    Grading of the Class -  (For each Marking Period)

    Class Participation – 10%

    Classwork/Projects (Individual/Group) – 50%

    Academic:  Tests – 20%

    Operation of School Store– 20%