Business/Marketing CTE Course Overview


    Marketing/Business CTE Program

    Approved Program of Study : 52.1801 Sales, Distribution and Marketing Operations, General

    This is an instructional program that provides instruction in the fields of sales, distribution and marketing operations and focuses on the process and techniques of direct wholesale and retail buying and selling operations. This program is concerned with marketing, sales, distribution, merchandising and management including ownership and management of enterprises engaged in marketing. Marketing education programs prepare individuals to perform one or more marketing function such as selling, pricing, promotion, product/service management, distribution, financing and marketing information management. In addition, instructional programs include varying emphasis on technical knowledge of products and/or services marketed; related communication, economic, technological and computation skills; and abilities and attitudes associated with human relations. The program may also include management functions associated with owning and operating a business. Sales, distribution and marketing operations prepares individuals for occupations in such businesses as retail and wholesale trade, finance, insurance, real estate, entertainment, hospitality, food service, communications, storage and distribution.


    Industry Credentials

    Marketing & Business Education students can earn the following certifications and credentials in high school:

    • Customer Service Certification via National Retail Federation® Foundation
    • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI®
    • OSHA 10 Certification

    College Credits

    The following schools have articulation agreements with Delaware Valley HS that allow Marketing & Business Education students to earn college credit for work they complete in high school:

    • Luzerne County Community College

    Career Pathways

    Representatives from the following local businesses serve on the Sales, Marketing, Distributive Education program’s Occupational Advisory Committee:

    with industry credentials:

    • Bank teller
    • Customer service agent
    • Sales associate

    with associate degree:

    • Advertising sales agent
    • Personnel manager
    • Real estate sales agent

    with bachelor’s degree:

    • Marketing manager
    • Public relations specialist
    • Sales manager