• AP Studio Art- Drawing

    Advanced Placement Studio Art is a rigorous college level studio course which is offered to highly motivated students who have been successful in Introduction to Drawing 1, at least two additional art courses, and who receive a favorable recommendation from all art faculty. This course is designed to provide the art student with planned instruction to master technical skill, enhance conceptual thinking, explore a variety of media and processes, develop ideation ability, and foster well-reasoned self-expression and reflection. The National Exam consists of a portfolio of works, submitted in May. This intense art production course requires a strong commitment of time and effort from the student, in the classroom and at home; a minimum of twenty-four pieces will be produced. Students will investigate the three required aspects of their portfolio development: Quality which demonstrates mastery of drawing skills, Breadth which demonstrates an accomplished exploration of various techniques and representational approaches and Concentration which demonstrates a sustained, self -directed path of discovery on their chosen topic. Studio activities will include: experimentation and production, research, writing, and sketchbook activities, peer relationship development and support, critical analysis and critique, teacher implemented direct instruction and performance reviews. Summer work will be assigned and must be completed in order to keep pace with the artwork production schedule.