• AP Spanish

    Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture is a course intended for those students who have successfully completed Spanish 5. The class is conducted almost entirely in Spanish and students are encouraged to practice Spanish on a consistent basis with both teachers and peers. At the advanced placement level, students will review and refine grammatical constructions and learn and apply new vocabulary that will emphasize both written and oral communication. As students work through the three modes of communication, interpersonal, interpretive and presentational, students will become more proficient in their ability to read and understand various literary genres, participate in conversations, understand directed questions, read newspapers, magazines and Internet articles, and deliver oral and written presentations. Those students who elect to pursue AP Spanish Language and Culture will have had a strong foundation in grammar as well as being competent in the areas of reading, listening comprehension, speaking and writing. Students must also be open to the exploration and understanding of different cultures in relevant and fascinating contexts. Students will be directed toward an understanding of the culture of the target language in relationship to their own viewpoint and should be able to use the target language in real life settings (Global Challenges, Families and Communities, Beauty and Aesthetics, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life). The ultimate goal is that students wilL be able to communicate, read, and write in a natural and accurate manner. All students completing the course are expected to take the advanced placement examination. Students may be able to earn college credits with an appropriate score on the AP Exam.