This course is designed for students who have met the necessary academic requirements and received the proper recommendations to take this college level social studies course. It is recommended for students who have special interests in politics, government, international relations, and plan on majoring in related areas in a nationally recognized four-year university. Students will study in detail the rise of humanity from the Neolithic Era to present day post-industrial societies. Particular attention will be given to the cyclical patterns of the rise, impact and the fall of global economic, military, and political empires. This will necessitate students’ learning and applying those lessons in order to become responsible, productive citizens in this modern age of globalization for the benefit of future generations. Each unit is chronologically and thematically organized to include each regions geographic features, cultural and historical heritage, economic and governmental systems, and religious/spiritual backgrounds and practices. All students completing the course are expected to take the advanced placement examination. Students may be able to earn college credits with an appropriate score on the AP Exam.