• Keystone Exams are a graduation requirement for Pennsylvania students beginning with the class of 2023; Act 158 of 2018 provides the option to meet the requirements through one of four additional pathways. Passing the Keystone Exams (Keystone Proficiency or Keystone Composite Pathway) is the easiest way to meet the graduation requirement. Students who are unable to meet the Keystone Exam criteria will work with their school counselor on exploring one of the other pathways.

    Please note that students must take the Keystone Exams for purposes of federal accountability. Students who do not pass the Keystone Exam(s) on the first attempt will be afforded another opportunity to test at the next scheduled testing window. We strongly encourage students to take advantage of the numerous tutoring opportunities that are available to students who want to improve their Keystone scores. For more detailed information about the tutoring opportunities, please contact your student’s current teacher in the respective Keystone Exam subject area (Science, English, or Mathematics) or school counselor.

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