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    Señor Cotroneo

    El aula – B4

    Homework Hotline/Voicemail – 296-3656 (Voice mail # 7052)

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     E-mail – cotroneog@dvsd.org


    ¡Bien regreso!  I hope you had an enjoyable and restful summer!


    1. First and foremost, it is my hope that when the year ends, you will be leaving with a better     

    Appreciation of the Spanish culture, its grammar, and its literature.  Through the review of grammar, reading, speaking, and writing techniques, you will be able to express yourself in Spanish with confidence. Being able to communicate in a second language and becoming as prepared as you possibly can for the AP Spanish test are the greatest rewards you could ever receive because you will be able to read, write, and speak Spanish like a native!


    1.  A brief overview of Advanced Placement Spanish:
    • A review of the grammatical constructions, vocabulary previously studied, and composition techniques as required in preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam
    • New thematic vocabulary that you can use every day in the classroom and in real-life situations
    • Comparisons and contrasts of our culture and Hispanic culture
    • Exposure to various literary genre
    • Increase the mastery of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of the Advanced Placement Spanish Exam


    1. The textbooks that you received for summer work are not needed for class. We will be using the   

    online version of Abriendo Paso: Temas y Lecturas as much as possible for the following:

    • Listening, Reading, and Speaking activities
    • Practice AP activities
    1. Go to www.pearsonrealize.com
    2. Username: avanzada1
    3. Password: apsrc19!
    4. Click “eText” and type in the page(s) you need.


    **Abriendo Paso: Gramática is for your reference when necessary.


    1. Because you are not allowed to use one for the actual exam, you CANNOT use online

          dictionaries; therefore, NO CELL PHONES or computers may be used during class for writing    

          assignments. If you are not sure of a word or words, ask me and I will tell you.

    1. One important thing to remember, as you already know: I do follow the policy in the student handbook pertaining to behavior, bullying, cheating (this includes the translator policy), and all other school rules.


    1. Supplies you should have or may want for my class:
    • 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper or folder for notes and handouts; these are much better than just

    a notebook.

    • Travel size dictionary or download one to your smart phone for when you are reading and need help.


    1. PARENTS need to sign up for POWERSCHOOL to see the progress of your children online. Grades are updated daily. In order to sign up for POWERSCHOOL, you must visit the Guidance Office and show Issued ID.


    AP Spanish Grading Scale



    Speaking – 30%

    ·         Presentations

    ·         Speaking performance based activities, debates, and assessments (teacher selected)

    ·         Interpersonal and Presentational Speaking activities of AP Spanish


    Writing – 25%

    ·         Minimal visual aids for presentations, but nothing should be read off of it

    ·         Writing performance based activities, assignments, and assessments (teacher selected)

    ·         Presentational Writing activities (email and argumentative essays) of AP Spanish


    Listening and Reading –  20%

    ·         Listening and reading sections of Lesson/Unit tests

    ·         Teacher chosen listening and reading activities (workbook, online, AP Spanish, etc.)


    Knowledge Based Assessments – 15%

    ·         Culture Quizzes, if applicable

    ·         Grammar Quizzes

    ·         Vocabulary Quizzes


    Classwork/Participation – 10%

    ·         Grammar/Vocabulary practice activities

    ·         Graded assignments (teacher selected)

    ·         Daily Preparation/Active Participation

    ·         Warm ups



    Don’t ever be afraid to ask, text, or e-mail any question you may have; that is what I am here for!


     Working together will help us have a fun, productive, and wonderful school year! J