•  Student Assistance Program


    The Student Assistance Program Team is a group of administrators, counselors, nurses, and teachers within the Dingman Delaware Middle School that works to support students who are identified as being “at risk.”  Students can be at risk for any number of things including, but not limited to:  grades, social issues, mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues, etc.  Students can be referred to our team by teachers, administrators, counselors, students, and parents.

     When we receive a referral, we work on the platform of I.R.S.  First, we Identify potential issues.  When warranted, we Research/Review the issues through a collection of  information gathered from the student’s teachers, counselor, nurse, and assistant principal.   Finally, we formulate a plan to Support the student to help him/her to reach his/her highest potential.

     We also want to work closely with you.  Your involvement and support are an integral part of a successful resolution to any concerns that your child may be experiencing at school. 

    For further information on the SAP process or to contact one of the local outside agencies, the following information may be of use to you.

     Brian McCarthy
    John Staub
    Assistant Principal
     Lynn Comunale
    7th & 8th Grade School Counselor
    Kim Palko
    6th Grade School Counselor
     Geralynn Stager
     School Nurse
    Vivian Bruno
    School Social Worker
    Elaine Tucker, Carbon, Monroe, Pike County Drug & Alcohol Services
    Erin Stroyan, Mental Health & Developmental Services
    570-296-6484 Ext. 3514 

     Other members of the SAP team are:

     Jessica Howey Gina McCarthy
     Jennifer Shiner  Karen Conklin
     Brenda Snyder