• TREX Recycling Program


    Don't Include LIST

    Hello, Dingman-Delaware Middle School students and parents! 

    This year Dingman Delaware Middle School will participate in the Trex Company collection program to promote plastic bag and plastic film recycling. The goal of the program is to collect enough plastic bags to win a Trex bench. Please start saving your plastic bags and drop them off in the large plastic recycling bins located inside of the lobby of the middle school. 

    Participating in our plastic recycling program is one easy way we can all make a difference and reduce the amount of plastic waste going to our landfills.

    If you have any questions, please contact shinerj@dvsd.org or rbachelder@dvsd.org 


    Jennifer Shiner

    Rebecca Bachelder


    Acceptable Recycling Items

    Bubble Wrap

    Dry Cleaning Bags

    Grocery Bags (all colors)

    Newspaper sleeves

    Case overwrap

    Produce bags

    Bread bags

    Cereal bags

    Paper Towel/Toilet Paper overwrap

    Ziploc/Food storage bags

    Ice bags (dry w/out metal)

    Wood pellet bags

    Furniture foam wrap

    Stretch film and pallet wrap