Posted by Irene Lantz on 9/13/2019
    1. Describe your experiences wearing masks. Why did you choose a certain mask?
    2. How did you feel wearing it? How did others respond when you wore it?
    3. How did you behave to assume the mask's identity?
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    Posted by Irene Lantz on 9/10/2019

    1. How do you and your family commemorate loved ones who have died?

    2. Do you think of them as still present, i.e. do you talk with them,write Facebook posts to them, or print messages in the Obituaries on significant dates?

    3.Do you and your family talk about them, toast them, display photos and mementos of them?

    4. How many generations do you go back in these practices acknowledging family members who have died?

    5. Do you, or anyone you know think of these lost loved ones as guardian angels who protect you from harm or intervene on your behalf?

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    Posted by Irene Lantz on 9/9/2019

    1) If you could take five objects with you to the afterlife, what would they be?

    2) What would those objects reveal about you to someone who discovered them in your tomb?

    3)What misinterpretations might future archeologists make on the basis of theose objects?

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  • The Ancients Portray the World Around Them

    Posted by Irene Lantz on 9/5/2019

    1) What body parts most define us as human?

    2) What body part(s) they would least want to live without?

    3) What they would look like if they increased the size of their most significant parts and diminished the size of others?

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