• S c h o l a s t i c   B o w l
    Scholastic Bowl

    The DV Scholastic Bowl team offers students the opportunity to compete in a quiz-bowl competition, on both intramural and interscholastic levels.  During the Fall, we hold an intramural tournament open to anyone interested in joining a team. Players only need to come for their after-school matches on days that their team is scheduled to play. The intramural league is a great way for new players to try out Scholastic Bowl and is good preparation for the interscholastic season ahead.

    During the Winter and Spring, our team competes interscholastically, in one-day tournaments and in our local league involving schools from PA, NJ, and NY. Delaware Valley boasts an outstanding record in these competitions and has been a frequent competitor in the National Academic Championship, competing in cities such as Washington, New Orleans, Chicago, and Dallas.