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  • Listed below are all Science teachers at Delaware Valley High School. 

    James Albert: Science 9, Citizen Scientist

    Victoria Bednar: Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry

    Bob Curtis: Astronomy, Geology, Physics, AP Physics: Algebra-based, PLTW Engineering

    Lindsay Duffy: Biology, Honors Biology, Forensic Science A & B  

    Danielle Giordano: Anatomy and Physiology, Concepts of Biology,  Forensic Science B  

    Jessica Hill: Chemistry, Science 9

    Patrick Ingulli: Biology, Forensic Science A & B, Science 9

    Nicholas Irwin: Biology, Honors Biology, Forensic Science A  

    Rachael Lee: Concepts of Biology, Concepts of Science 9, Science 9

    Amanda Pope: Honors Biology, Advanced Placement Biology

    Steve Rhule: Physics, Advanced Placement Physics: Calculus-based, PLTW Engineering, AP Research

    Andrew Rupp: Anatomy and Physiology, Honors Chemistry

    Bernadine Salak: Anatomy and Physiology, AP Environmental Science, Citizen Scientist

    Chelsea Sweeney: Biology, Concepts of Science 9, Forensic Science A & B