• Welcome to Ms. Kluge’s Classroom

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    Email address: klugep@dvsd.org

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    What do you need for class each day?

    Bring a pencil (preferred) or pen (black or blue ink only) and your notebook (a binder with loose leaf paper for notes and homework). I may check your notebook but I will check your homework every day! Keep your homework in your notebook. All my notes are saved to and available at the school’s website, follow the path at the top of this page.

    How does your grade get calculated?

    Test:            100 points / approximately 2 – 3 test per marking period.

    Quizzes:               25 – 50 points / 5-8 quizzes per marking period.

    Graded Assignments:             10 – 30 points

    Homework/Class Participation:          50 points per marking period, about 10% of your grade. Attendance is crucial in the class participation portion of this grade.


    All grading is based on a points system. The grades will be shown as fractions. For example: 24/25 means you earned 24 out of a possible 25 points. The percent grade is your responsibility to figure out (using Math!).  If you do not hand a graded assignment in or have not taken a test or quiz by the time the grades are entered into PowerSchool there will be a zero (0) entered as your grade until the test or quiz is taken or the assignment is handed in. (Assignments lose 1 points per day to a max of 10 points)

    What about homework?

    Expect homework to be assigned every day, from the first day of school to the last (or so). It is necessary to practice what you learn. You wouldn’t play a musical instrument or be successful in a sport without practice? I check homework whenever I assign it. I expect you to do all problems and show your work. The answer alone is insufficient. The homework needs to be completed, I check for completion not accuracy. You must present your homework at the beginning of class for it to count.

    Is there extra credit?

    No. If you are unhappy with your grade the solution is simple, 1. Do your homework. 2. Come for help (tutoring). 3. Ask questions in class. 4. Study.

    What about making up work missed?

    I will follow the policy set forth in your student handbook.

    What is your cell phone policy?

    I have a strict “No Cell Phones” policy. Your phones will be off and in the cell phone caddy during class. No phone is in a student’s possession during a class, so they will be kept in the assigned pocket in the cell phone caddy in the back of the room.