• Study Secrets
     Study Habits are essential for a middle school student. It is important for them to develop good study habits for academic success. It will help your child find success through being independent and confident.
    If you repeat an action for 21 days it will become a habit and feel very natural to continue doing.
    • Use a planner to write down homework assignments and keep track of due dates.
    •  Set a schedule of homework time. Do your homework in the same place and time every night.
    •  Take notes and review those notes each night.
    • Be on time and ready for school and class each day.
    •  Stay ORGANIZED! Organization plays a major role in academic success. Keeping materials sorted by class with specific notebooks and folders can help your child bring the necessary material to class and home. Find what works for your child.
    •  Time Management. Manage your time well in and out of school. Use class time efficiently and create your own evening study plan.
    •   Keep a list of study buddies for each class. If a question arises, you can contact your study buddy for help or clarification.
    •  Set goals. These can be both academic and personal. Keep it simple and short term. 
    •  Check it out! Review you work and check the details of the work that you completed. 
    •  Get ready the night before. Pack up all necessary materials to ensure that you have everything before you leave int he morning. 
    •  Keep a positive attitude when taking a test.