• Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Who can attend Delaware Valley Cyber Academy?
    A: Any approved student in grades K-12 that resides within the Delaware Valley School District
    Q: Do I need to provide my own equipment?
    A: DVCA will provide your student with a laptop and printer. You will need to provide internet access in order to complete assignments via Connections Education.
    Q: What kind of equipment will be provided?
    A: Your student will receive a HP Probook laptop and HP officejet printer. The laptop includes 8GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive for plenty of room. A 32GB flash drive and Ethernet cable will be provided as well.  
    Q: What if there is a problem with the equipment? Who can I contact?
    A: For any issues related to the provided equipment, call Dylan at 570-296-1890 Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:00pm. If calling after hours, please leave a detailed message and a phone number to return your call. For any Connections Education issues, please contact their support line at 1-888-679-7740 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.
    Q: What happens to the equipment at the end of the year?
    A: The equipment will be returned to DVSD for maintenance and returned to our students  for the upcoming school year.
    Q: Are summer classes offered?
    A: No, summer classes are not offered. DVCA will start with the start of the school year.
    Q: Can a student take Band, Art or Chorus?
    A: No, DVCA students can only attend activities offered after school hours.
    Q: Are there multiple teachers for elementary level courses? 
    A: No, typically there is only one teacher for elementary courses.
    Q: Do all courses have a teacher associated with them? For example,  Does Art have a teacher or is it a self-directed course?
    A: Every course has an assigned teacher.
    Q: Approximately how much live interaction takes place in each course?
    A: There are Live Lessons for each core course (one per week) facilitated by the course teacher. Students are strongly encouraged to attend. The Live Lessons are also archived for later viewing. In addition, Live Tutor is available Monday through Friday. Live Tutor allows the student to connect live with a teacher for assistance. Students may also request additional time to interact live with their teachers during virtual teacher office hours or by telephone.   
    Q: How far ahead can a student work?
    A: Students are able to work at their own pace, so yes they may work ahead. The classes are rigorous; therefore, most students find it beneficial to stay right on schedule. This also assists the students in keeping on track with their teacher's Live Lessons. 



    Q: On the elementary level, how much  instructional/work time per course is spent in front of the computer as opposed to the students  doing work out of a textbook or with other resources?
    A: This varies by course and grade level. The majority of the textbooks are online in addition to the online course content. Some courses have hard copy resources, work books, journals, lab and/or art materials, etc. 
    Q: Typically, how long does it take for a student to complete daily lessons?
    A :This depends on the student but typically 5-6 hours, similar to a normal school day.
    Q: Is a student able to adjust hours by putting in more on one day and less on others? 
    A: Yes
    Q: What if my student is struggling or not being challenged enough? Can he/she switch courses or levels within the first few weeks?
    A: Yes