William P. Gassmann

William Gassmann

William P. Gassmann was a member of the Delaware Valley High School Class of 1980.  Active in his class, he excelled as a baseball and soccer player in all four years of his high school career.  Enrolled in a strong academic curriculum, he was a member of the prestigious National Honor Society.

Following his graduation from high school, Bill attended the Pennsylvania State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering in 1984.  He continued his education at Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering in 1986.

Bill began his distinguished career as a nuclear engineer in 1984.  He developed and patented a method for fueling and operating a nuclear reactor core in 1986, a system that has subsequently been patented in eight countries.  He joined Exelon Nuclear in 1996 and has served with distinction as manager of multiple departments within the organization.  Since 2015, he has been Manager, Accident Tolerant Fuel Implementation where he led a team to implement a post-Fukushima accident design strategy.

Bill has multiple professional affiliations that include Licensed Professional Engineer, and membership in the American Nuclear Society.  He is recipient of two Exelon Innovation awards, a patent holder, author of three papers in the American Nuclear Society, and co-author of two NRC Topical Reports.