• Leadership Notebooks

    1) We will show an introduction video through DDTV on leadership notebooks at 8:15a.m, so please make sure you keep DDTV on after announcements.

    2) Use the link here for the O*Net Interest Inventory survey after viewing the video.


    Leader-In-Me Interest Profiler


    These will be two things that students will complete Friday 10/25. 

    There is a google classroom (please see below for each grade level’s access code to get into the correct classroom) for students to begin working on setting up their Leadership Notebook.  The five slides that they will be completing throughout the year will be:

              1. Self
              2. WIGS(Widly Important Goals)
              3. Learning
              4. Leadership
              5. Celebrations.

    They can decorate or set up the slides any way they would prefer, there is no right way to do it.  If students are finishing early today, then they can start brainstorming artifacts or information that they would like to include in their SELF slide.  As we go through the designated Leader In Me Days there will be further instructions emailed to teachers as to what we are looking for in each slide. 

    An email was sent to teachers regarding internet access for all students.

              Google Classroom Codes:

              6th grade Code is: zvgcdz

              7th grade Code is: is5u8nu

              8th grade Code is: 4liwx0