• Absence Information


    Please access our AESOP Attendance System to report any absences and to track days available to you.


    Visit www.aesoponline.com and sign on to view your account.  You should have received a user name and password with one of your new hire packets.  If you have not yet received this information, please contact Elizabeth Shomaker at 570-409-2014.

    If you need to report a last minute emergency absence and are unable to report your time in Aesop please contact our Substitute Coordinator, Elizabeth Shomaker at 570-409-2014. She will arrange for a substitute for your classroom and record your absence.  You may contact her at any time day or evening as she has a recording system.

    Please leave the following information in your message:

    > Name

    > Job Classification

    > Building

    > Date of Absence

    > Type of Absence (personal, sick time, etc.)


    You will receive 10 sick days and 2 personal days for your first year of employment. Each year thereafter, you will receive 10 sick and 3 personal days based on language in your negotiated contract.  A personal day has been donated to your Union Sick Bank for your first year of employment.  If you have any questions regarding leave balances please contact Cindi Baker at 570-296-1809.