• Mrs. Shiner’s Classroom Guidelines

    7th Grade Civics




    Materials needed for class Every day

    Civics Book, Paper (in a notebook or binder), folder, and a pen or pencil


    ·       Assignments will be given a point value and abide by the Common Grading Policy developed by the Social Studies Department      

    Tests/Essays/Projects – 50%    
    Quizzes/Classwork - 30       
    ATB/Homework/Participation – 20%

    ·        If a student does not understand an assignment, it is expected that the student will try to complete the entire assignment to the best of his/her ability.


    ·        All returned tests and quizzes will be kept in the classroom.


    ·        Current student grades can be accessed on Power School.


    ·        Cheating (this includes talking during a test/quiz or handing in identical work) will result in a zero for the assignment and possible disciplinary action.

    Assignments and Make-up work

    ·        All assignments are due at the beginning of the period.


    ·        Homework assignments not handed in will receive a zero.


    ·        If a student is absent from school, it is the students’ responsibility to call the homework hotline. If the missed work is not handed in, homework points will be deducted.



    ·        Students will be working on several cooperative assignments this year. If a problem develops within a group, the students must notify Mrs. Shiner immediately.


    ·        On take-home assignments it is perfectly acceptable to ask a classmate for help. However, it is not acceptable to hand in identical work. This is considered cheating and will, as is the case with any form of cheating, result in a zero and possible disciplinary action.



     Classroom Disruptions

    ·        Cell phones or any other electronic devices are not permitted in the classroom.     If a student violates this rule, the device will be immediately taken from the student turned into the office.