• Services for Children of Pike County

    A comprehensive list of local community support groups, health centers, counseling services, legal agencies, hotlines and more.

    Pike County Workforce Development Agency offers free services to anyone who is eligible to work in the United States. (Eligibility requirements must be met for some Intensive or Training Services). Services include: Job listings and self-service or staff assisted job referrals, Resume, job search and interviewing skills assistance, career and occupational information, Occupational skills training and tuition assistance, Information and access to GED, Literacy and Adult Basic Education programs, and registration assistance on the PA CareerLink® website, www.pacareerlink.state.pa.us.
    The Summer Youth Program provides summer employment opportunities for qualifying youth (ages 14-21) with local area employers. 
    The On-the-Job Training Program can help in defraying the cost of training new workers while helping youth and adults land a job. For new, full-time, eligible employees, companies may be reimbursed up to 50% of the wages during an initial training period.

    For more information about our programs, visit our website, http://www.pikepa.org/wfd.html


    The Delaware Valley School District Board of Directors has established a program to honor World War II veterans who were forced to leave high school to serve their country during World War II. This program provides for the awarding of a Delaware Valley High School Diploma to honorably discharged veterans of World War II who, due to early entry into military service did not graduate from a local high school. Further, a diploma may be awarded posthumously to an eligible veteran through this program.

    Those eligible include any honorably discharged veterans of the United States military service in World War II between September 16, 1940 and December 31, 1946 and who attended any school that now comprises the current Delaware Valley School District boundaries.

    Please contact Jim Mitchell, Delaware Valley School District Director of Secondary Education, at 570-296-1850 for further information and an application for a diploma under this program.
    Click here for an application

    The mission of the Pike County Conservation District is to promote protection, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources through education, public awareness and cooperation with local, state and federal agencies.  This web site has been developed as a learning site with an emphasis on providing information about Pike County's water and soil.  Pike County Natural Resource Learning Site serves as a community clearinghouse for natural resource conservation information and educational materials, as well as state and federal regulatory and permit information. 


    The history of Pike County, PA, is diverse and colorful.  From a Native American territory, through the time of "The Mills of Milford"  and continuing into our present day, this area  has been a cherished home to many. This portion of the DVSD  Web site has been developed to commemorate Pike County's past accomplishments, celebrate its present endeavors and encourage its future aspirations. 

    People and Places of Pike County, Pennsylvania
    has been created as a result of the Delaware Valley School District's local history initiative.  This site's current content has been funded by a grant form the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission with additional funds from the Upper Mill.

    Enjoy the site, and return often for new and exciting features.

    THE COLUMNS... a historical museum located  in Milford, PA

    At The Columns you can see the Lincoln Flag, learn of Chief Thundercloud and view many other exhibits & artifacts which offer a vivid representation of life in Pike County during the 19th and 20th centuries.

    The Columns is also the home of The Pike County Historical Society. The mission of the Society is to maintain and perpetuate the historical legacy of Pike County, a mission achieved through preservation, leadership, and education.