• Hey everyone, the info here is the same info you will find on the dojo app. Assignments will be poated once a week. The first assignment applies to ALL grade levels.

    Week 1

    Assignment #1: Found Object Colorwheel - create a colorwheel out of obkects found in your home. You will need at least one object per color. Place the objects on a flat surface, take a pic, and email it to me at wascok@dvsd.org. *Just a reminder, the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

    Assignment #2: Art Scavenger Hunt 

    *You might want to write this list down to make it easier to walk around and check them off as you find them.

    1. Find something made out of ceramic (something made out of hardened clay)

    2. Find something that is a turquoise color

    3. Find a painting

    4. Find a weaving or something that is woven

    5. Find something that is circle shaped

    6. Find something that is symmetrical (the same on the left and right)

    7. Find something black

    8. Find something white

    9. Find something rectangle shaped

    10. Find a piece of art😀

    These are due by Sunday April 5th.

    Good luck and enjoy!