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DVHS Shawnee Playhouse


On Friday, February 21, 13 Delaware Valley High School Combo 11 students and their teachers traveled to the Shawnee Playhouse to watch Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” There were other students from nearby school districts in attendance at the play as well. The play is about the death of the American dream after post-World War II optimism. The Combo 11 students are currently reading Miller’s “The Crucible” in their English class.


Front row (left to right) - Tyler Kielty, Brianna Chamorro, Isabella Fasulo, Elizabeth Morris, Madison Strickler, Sophia Fouse, Cassandra Kielty

Back row (left to right) - Aidan Fean, Caroline Quinn, Jennifer Lee, Kathryn Smith, Caitlin Chaparro, Aiden Oliver