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Schoology Access Instructions

Accessing Schoology Instructions Downloadable Version


ZOOM Student

Instructions for Accessing Schoology


Schoology is the primary means for the DVMS students to access all course information.


If you are using a Chromebook from the middle school:

Passwords for students in grades 7 and 8 remain the same as last year.

Students in grade 6 will use DVms(last 4 digits of ID#),


Ex:  DVms1234


If you do not remember your password, please email the following secretary so they can request a password reset:  Natalia Mady –


If you are using another device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.), be sure to lop out of all other Google accounts on the device.


To log into Schoology, type in the link and use your school email and password to log into Schoology.


For ALL users, once logged into Schoology you should have all class information, including ZOOM LINKS for each of your classes.


As a reminder you can still utilize Gmail so if you have an issue email a teacher.  Your email is