Many questions arise about the procedures that address expenses relating
    to medical situations. The following is an attempt to clarify the circumstances
    as outlined in the insurance regulations:


    All owners of motor vehicles in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    are required by law to purchase and maintain automobile insurance.

    The laws relating to automobile insurance coverage are complied in

    the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law of 1984-

    commonly referred to as the “PA No Fault Law”.


    First party benefits are a mandatory coverage. This is a basic no-fault

    type of medical insurance for your own medical bills. The minimum

    required by law is $5,000. Regardless of who is at fault for the accident,

    the medical bills will be paid through your First Party benefits coverage.

    Using this coverage will not affect your rates or premiums in any way.


    The priority of benefits or the order as to which party’s auto policy provides
    the benefits to the injured party is as follows:

    First Student has own auto policy and is a named insured

    under that policy.


    Second Student is covered under parent’s policy, whether or not

    old enough to drive, as a “resident relative”. If there

    should be a case when you as the parent or guardian do

    not have auto insurance, the laws states that any resident

    relative in the household who carries auto insurance

    would file the medical bills. If the medical bills go above

    the policy limit- they will have to be submitted to student’s health

    insurance. There is no recourse beyond this step.


    Third The Owner of the Vehicle the student occupied at the time

    of the accident.


    Note: First party benefit coverage cannot be stacked between priority levels.
    Once coverage under the first applicable policy has been exhausted, claimant may

    not seek additional first party benefits from other policies at lower levels.

    In summary, if someone in the household has auto insurance please contact your

    automobile insurance company immediately and have this incident on file with them
    as they will be able to assist you on how to file all medical bills. If there is no auto
    insurance in the household, please contact the Business Office for information on
    processing the medical bills through the auto insurance of the owner of the vehicle
    that the student occupied at the time of the accident.


    If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact the
    Business Office at 570-296-1806.