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    A multiple-language online dictionary.
    Using this site to look up an occasional simple word is best.
    For entries that return multiple possible French equivalents, be sure to carefully check:
    1) part of speech
    2) context clues (provided in parentheses)
    When using words found on this site, be sure to:
    1) select the English-French or Fench-English search feature [note: It is very common for students to accidentally select another language which results in an incorrect French assignment].
    2) Copy spelling correctly, this includes accent marks.
    3) Pay attention to the part of speech and follow the grammar and sentence word order patterns presented in class:
       a. nouns-
       -pay attention to gender    abbreviations [m=masculine;    f=feminine] AND use an appropriate    article 
       b. adjectives-
       -pay attention to notes about irregular    forms
       -modify to agree in gender and    number with the noun you are    describing
        -follow the adjective placement rules    provided in class
       c. verbs- [see verb2verbe below]
       -conjugate in the present tense [all    year];
       -use in the infinitive after another    conjugated verb [all year];
       -conjugate in the near future [from    the end of 2nd quarter]
        -conjugate in the passé composé [3rd    and 4th quarters only]
       -Do not conjugate in any other tense. 
    Pictionary [in binder] 
    Notre Semaine [signed]
    Weekend Reading [blue 1/2-sheet]
    Pictionary [in class bell-work: due Mon]
    Notre Semaine [weekly homework calendar to be signed: due Mon]
    Weekly Reading [photocopy: due Friday] 
    Weekly Writing Assignment [with green 1/2-sheet] 
    New Weekly Writing Assignment [due next Thurs]
    Weekly Reading [mark-ups only]
    Weekend Reading [blue 1/2-sheet: due Mon] 
    Review vocabulary [see conjuguemos website left column] 
    Use this site:
    1. to look up verbs
    2. to double check that the verbs you found on Word Reference [see above] are actually verbs [and not another part of speech].
    3. to look up the definition and infinitives of conjugated verbs in reading texts.
    4. for accurate verb conjugations in the appropriate tense:
       a. present tense [all year]
       b. near future [aller + infinitive...    from end of 2nd quarter] 
       c. passé composé [3rd-4th quarters]
    Self-correcting, timed vocabulary and verb conjugation drills.
    Use for daily vocabulary study: 5 minutes.
    Prepare for verb quizzes.
    Textbook website:
    Provides additional practice activities
    for quiz/test preparation, including
    some listening.