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             In Middle School there is a LOT of pressure to be in a relationship.  Friends are always talking about who likes who, and who broke up with    whom.  Especially now with Valentine’s day and love in the air, it is hard to NOT think about relationships. 
             But really, what’s the big deal?  What’s a relationship, anyway? A relationship is a bond that two or more people have with each other.  How    they communicate and act with each other determines if the relationship is a healthy one.  It is comforting to know that you have someone in your    life that will “have your back” when you need them.  This person does NOT have to be a love interest.  In fact Middle School is the best place to    find and cultivate good friendships, instead of a dating relationship. 
             What makes a great and healthy relationship?  The three most important qualities of a healthy relationship are open and honest communication,    respect for each other, and a genuine feeling of care for the other person’s well-being.  So, if you want to rate your relationship, ask yourself these    questions:
              1.  Do I feel comfortable sharing my secrets with this person, and can I trust them to keep my secrets to    themselves? 
              2.  Do I respect the other persons feelings and beliefs,even if I don’t feel/think the same way? 
              3.  Would I worry if something were to happen to this person?  If your answer is yes to these three questions, then I
              think you're on your way towards having a very healthy relationship!  
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