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    DVMS STUDENTS FOCUS ON GIVING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON:  Delaware Valley Middle School students and staff conducted a holiday food drive resulting in over 2,500 items being collected for the Good Shepherd Ecumenical Food Pantry in Milford.  As many area families receive assistance, this contribution helps to make a significant impact.  The students played an active role from the beginning of the food drive through donations and by helping to collect, sort, and pack the trucks for delivery.

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    HOW VERY GENEROUS:  The Delaware Valley Middle School staff generosity continued throughout another holiday season.  This is the fourth year that the staff has generously given back to families in an effort to make the holiday season a bit more special.  The special education department continues to lead this initiative.


    THIS PLACE WAS JUMPING:  Thanks to the efforts of the DVMS music staff and talented students, on the evenings of Tuesday, December 5, 2017 and Thursday, December 7, 2017, guests were treated to outstanding musical performances.  Each ensamble performed beautifully, showcasing the wide array of exceptional musicians within DVMS.  The students are fortunate to receive such increduible instruction!!!


    DVMS Chorus Grades 7 & 8



    KEEPING WITH TRADITION:  Our staff and students came together the afternoon of Friday, December 21, 2018 to celebrate the holidays and the beginning of the winter recess.  Student performances from our musical groups captured the audience attention and led to several staff volunteering to sing a new rendition of the “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  One student with perfect attendance was also selected to receive a $100.00 Amazon gift card.


    RALLYING SCHOOL SPIRITAll fall sports teams and co-curricular activities were recognized for their school contributions during a winter pep rally held on Friday, December 8, 2017.  The cheerleaders and the DV school mascot inspired the crowd during a highly competitive student/staff basketball game.  For the fifth year in a row, the staff prevailed in a very close game!  Students also helped generously raise $250.00 in support of the American Heart Association.  Those contributing to the cause were eligible for random selection at taking a half-court shot for an iPad.  For the third straight year, a winning shot was made!  This event continues to be an excellent opportunity to generate school spirit and a few dollars for a good cause.

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    The teachers defeated the students in another hard fought match!  Congratulations to all!!!!




    Madison Gecik                      Abigail Dzbenski                   Aidan McBride                      Amaya Lara

    Aneliesa Aponte                    Brennan Colville                   Catherine Ficken                  Cole Weston

    Charleigh Cook                     Dominic Lazzaro                   Logan Olsommer                   Hazel Buro

    Nicholas Nilsen                      Connor Mills                          Sophia Vasile            




    Jacob Gigi, Charleigh Cook, Kara Luposello, Ryan Baka, Thomas Parker, Cayden DeGroat




    Quinton Bermudez Viccica, Sofia Kielty, Christian Perunsky, Cayleigh Mueller




    January 21       School Closed, Martin Luther King Recess

    January 16       End of Second Marking Period (anticipated based on weather)

    January 23       Report Cards Distributed (anticipated based on weather)


    A new year has rolled in very quickly.  I am hopeful that all students and family members had a wonderful winter recess.  The second marking period is due to end on January 16, weather permitting.  This leaves a few weeks for students to finish up working hard to record the best possible grades.  The beginning of the third marking period will provide all students with a chance to reflect on the first half of the school year.  Planning with the end in mind will provide each student the opportunity to work toward all desired results.   Those students that have been working his/her plans and have achieved success are encouraged to continue demonstrating excellent work habits.  For those individuals taking a bit of time to find his/her peak performance levels, the beginning of the third marking period is the perfect time to make any necessary positive changes.  If you are unsure how to coordinate your plans, please consider reviewing goal setting content as identified within the Seven Habits of Highly Successful Teens which has been reviewed by each grade.  Additionally, please consider signing up for tutoring or asking any teacher or administrator for any needed assistance.  Best wishes to all of the children and their families and friends to a great start for the new year!





    Pete Ioppolo