SES started on our Leader in Me journey in the fall of 2016.  All of our teachers were trained and a Lighthouse team (staff leadership team) has helped to organize and plan how we have implemented this program at SES. 


    The Leader in Me is based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.  Students are learning and discussing these habits every week.  We have had several leadership assemblies thus far.  Students have also all created classroom mission statements to represent the goals they have for their classroom community.  Through this program, students will see that each and every person is a leader in some way.  By taking this perspective, we will help every student find their greatness.  Our staff is looking for various ways to incorporate student leadership roles into our school community.  As parents, we encourage you to ask your children questions about what they are learning.  These are great discussions to have as a family.  The lessons that students are learning through the 7 Habits are lessons that can help them throughout their lives. 


    We recently announced a new program at SES, "Caught Being a Leader."  Students are encouraged to nominate their classmates when they see them doing something that shows leadership or following the 7 Habits in some way.  We plan on recognizing every student who is nominated and focusing on positive leadership skills.  We have a SES photobooth where our leaders can strike a pose and celebrate their leadership.  We are very excited about this program.  


    This year, students began using a leadership notebook.  This is an opportunity to focus on Habit #2 (Begin with the End in Mind).  It is used to teach students to set goals and create plans to achieve those goals.  These notebooks have become a sense of pride for our students!  This year, for the first time, 5th graders lead conferences.  They met with their parents and teachers and were given the opportunity to highlight their successes and discuss their plans to work on their goals for this year.


    Please keep checking our site for more resources and materials regarding The Leader in Me program at Shohola Elementary School.