• Syllabus for Spanish 1 — la Srta. Letwinsky

    Goal of Spanish 1: to become proficient at the novice level in the 4 communicative areas of Spanish: listening, speaking, reading, writing

    1. come to class prepared – book, workbook, binder, writing utensil
    2. be in your seat when bell rings
    3. speak Spanish in class – English only with permission
    4. actively participate in the learning process -try your best at all times: no giving up
    5. do not disrupt the learning process

    Grading policy:
    tests: 45%
    quizzes: 35%
    homework: 10%
    participation: 10%

    ** All work in and out of class will be graded either formally or informally **
    For handed in work:
    1 day late – 10% off
    2 days late – 20% off
    3+ days late – 0% cannot be made up

    Absent/missed work:
    The student is responsible for finding out what s/he missed. The student may: call homework hotline (296-3655, ext 7058); check the class website (aletwinsky.wordpress.com); call/text/email a classmate; ask Srta. Letwinsky in the morning the day you return.
    If you are absent the day an assignment is due, it must be handed in the day you return or it is late
    You have 3 days to make up a missed test/quiz/graded assignment

    – Keeping binder/notebook up-to-date
    – Keeping track of your grade (use PowerSchool)
    – Knowing your DDMS computer log-on information
    – Knowing your log-on information for textbook website
    – Keeping track of your pasaporte and your tiquetes
    – Studying/doing homework daily
    – Knowing when an assignment/test/quiz is due
    – Asking for make-up work (including tests/quizzes)